Process Paddy cleaning: Paddy cleaning is known as paddy pre - cleaning machines. Each machine has the capacity to separate 5 per/hour tons of paddy in terms of their quality. It ensures the removal of sand, mud, Stone or any other form of dust particles. The four-step process of soaking, cooking, drying and then milling follows the cleaning process. Now the paddy is sun-dried or dried with the help of machine Drier and then milled. The husk is removed and then the grain is polished. The parboiled rice gives a fluffy separate gain on cooking. Soaking: The rough rice is soaked in plain water till it’s saturated for an hour. A good number of labours are employed to soak and dry the grain thoroughly. Quality is the watchword behind every stage of the process. Boiler: About 2 TONNES Per/hr of paddy is boiled USING THE SPECIAL STEAM BOILER. The pressure is altered based on the weight of the paddy available to be boiled. THE BOILING USING PURE STEAM ENSURES TO REMOVE THE PUNGENT SMOKE SMELL FROM THE RICE. After thorough boiling the grains are dried in machine followed by drying on land or Machine Drier. Drying Process: Drying is carried out in three forms namely.
  • Machine drying
  • Land drying
  • Pure steam boiler technology
All the grains are dried by either of the two processes. The grains are dried for duration of 24 hours. The next stage In the method of production is the use of Which eliminates the pungent smoking smell from the grain. Sheller: It removes the bran from the rice. Whitener: This stage enhances the rice by giving it its shine. Once the Whitener completes its job, it is again passed through the polisher. Silky Polish: This stage enhances the rice by giving it its shine with spreading water and makes the rice silky. Once the whitener completes its job, it is again passed through the polisher. Grader: The rice grains at this stage are all edible and hygienic. The grader helps to apportion rice in terms of their shape and size. The work of the grader helps to pack the rice in terms of their quality. Packing: Rice in terms of its quality and variety are packaged in bags of 75, 50, 25 kilograms. About 10 - 15 employees pack about 10-20 tons of rice on a daily basis.